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The Aroma Lamp Takes On an Exciting New Twist!

Not Restricted To Just One Colour, The LED Lights Inside Cycle Through a Mesmerising Array of Colours as They Fade Gently To The Next.

Colour Changing LED Lights With The Wax Melt Dish Being Heated On a Hot Plate.

LED Lights Mean That You Won't Need To Replace Halogen Bulbs, and You Can Choose Either One Colour Setting or Set It To Colour Changing (Simply Toggle The On/Off Switch To Cycle Between Colours/Settings!)

Approx 13cm (H)

UK Mains Powered

Sits Directly Into / Against The Plug Socket

This Lamp is Not Touch Sensitive, But Uses an On/Off Switch

Colour Changing LED Plug In Aroma Lamp - Silver Tree

SKU: MBP001/L-70011

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